Legend V128

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Surely a favorite! The V12 exhibits very tight definition along with lots of volume and rich, tonal harmonic balance. A British manufactured cone gives characteristics suitable for many styles. This is a perfect speaker in high power combos for Jazz and Rock. However, a pair of V12’s in ‘The Twin’ makes for a good rock and blues combination when playing a Les Paul. The speakers have a very ‘British’ sound but are much more mellow than some British counterparts. When playing a Strat through this set up, it sounds less ‘British’ — the tone is smooth and creamy. Great for Country or Jazz if you want that Albert Lee tone. In Marshall applications, with a Les Paul you can expect a ‘Classis British Rock’ sound. This speaker is well suited to amps with EL34 tubes. The speaker breaks up relatively quickly and provide a honkin’ low end! The tone is reminiscent of Clapton and The Blues Breakers. Plug in a Strat and you can get some of that Texas honk too.


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